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Beat & Vocal Production By Beatz.Lowkey


Crazy Times EP

Upstate Militia Ft. Hectik

Family Over Everything

[Prod x Beatz.Lowkey]

The West Ft. Hectik

What You Gonna Do?

[Prod x Beatz.Lowkey]



[Prod x Beatz.Lowkey]


Blurry Day

[Prod x Beatz.Lowkey]

Recording Artists I've Worked With

Meet Your New Producer

Yoo, I'm Beatz.Lowkey from Brisbane, Australia.

I'm known in the music industry for my 90's Gangsta Influenced sound and I've also been apart of the Rap & Hip Hop Community for over a decade now. 🙏

I've produced for some big names aswell as some of the most talented independent recording artists from all over the world

and now it's time for us to work! 💪

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With Commercial Licences so you can start writing, recording and publishing your finished tracks for streaming and the dope thing is

you keep all your profits and royalties! 💯


If this sounds cool to you and your ready

Let's get to work! Ill see you on the otherside 🙏



EKSEL - Music Artist

Bruh!! I'm sure people would rather keep Lowkey quiet and a secret lol but that wouldn't be helping our homie achieve greatness which he deserves! Beats are on that professional level. I have and will always fux with Beatz.Lowkey Music!


MACKRIDGE - Music Artist

Dope Beats 🔥 always great to deal with 💯


JAHKELLYN - Music Artist

Greatest producer I know in regards to pricing for services, work ethic, production, definitely cares about the artists projects. Have had the privilege to work one on one with him and can't thank him enough, for both the end result soundwise and for the custom visuals. Highly recommended. Salute to Beatz.Lowkey 10/10


Skele Jay - Music Artist

Great service, and even better prices!

Friendly and easy to work with. Low-Key really knows his stuff! Would definitely recommend to others!


P Dubs From Upstate Militia - Music Artist

Beatz.Lowkey is a mothaf*#$n beast.

Dopest beats and super professional Mixing & Mastering . Love from the Upstate Militia!


DarksideDBGZ - Music Artist

The only producer I look to for that classic 90's/00's sound.

The best in the biz at recreating that sound, aswell as having all the new school on lock also.


Wreckless - Music Artist

Now this guys Beats are off the chain I've know Lowkey since we were kids he's always had a passion for music and has never stopped progressing and inspiring others to take chances, one of the best beat makers I've known! If you got lyrics he's got beats!

10/10 always puts in 100 percent into his clients! Ofa atu brother

The Keymixx Collection

Here's some remixes I've produced to add to your playlists🔥

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